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Hi! My name is Megan, and as far as introductions go, all you need to know is I love cats, my roommate, and Jesus (not necessarily in that order). I’ve always dreamed of being a writer since my elementary days. The first book I ever wrote was co-authored by my grandma, and it was about, you guessed it, cats! However, my writing has significantly improved since those days. I no longer put a period at the end of every line on notebook paper, but I have picked up a comma frenzy. I love commas like other people love a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. In this blog, you’ll be sure to see posts about writing, reading, and other reflections that come to my mind. You never know what inspiration will bring. Welcome to NewInkBlog!

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Writing Prompt Challenge #2

Does the looming school year have you in a writing slump? Why not take your characters with you and see what kind of students they would be if given the chance. Check out my second writing prompt challenge!


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